Barber’s Online – Find new clients with these simple steps!

How to improve your google ranking and visibility for Barber and Beauty shop owners. Easy and simple steps regardless of if you have a website.

Simple steps to improve your ranking when clients are searching for a barber or beauty service in your area. These do not require owners or managers to be technical Guru’s.

It can all be done in less than 30 mins!

Google, Facebook, Snapchat or whatever social tool you use all follow the same simple steps. Make it easy for clients to find you online + get them into your shop!

What we will cover

  • Understand what clients will search for
  • Google Search and Maps
  • Apple Maps
  • Got a webpage? If not – no problem, here are some tips.

What are new clients searching for?

  • Most will search on area and service eg Suburb and Barber or Area and Beauty.
  • Some will search of a specific service eg Fade, Gel Coat, Sports Massage.
  • Some will search for a specific shop name, if so you a 3/4 of the way there!

Check your search results!

There are three places to try different searches to see how you rank Google: Google maps : Microsoft (Bing) : Run some different searches and think about what your client will search for, not what you as an industry person would search.

(Thanks to “The Basement Barber Co – Jindalee” for being our example shop!)

What to look for ?

Google Search

  • You want to be in position 1!
  • Search on a variety of words and combinations
  • The Right Side comes from Google Maps. See section below.
  • Add links to give clients clear direction

Google Maps Search

  • Search Listing – you want to be position 1. It will vary by location, working, profile accuracy and feedback.
  • The more up to date your profile, the better.

Maps Detail

  • See how to “Claim your Business – section below”
  • Show and update the information to be relevant
  • Manage your reviews.


No website – No problem

You do not need a website to get found online!   If you do – awesome, see our tips below for your website but either way the following applies just link to your app booking page or facebook.

Why app booking page before facebook? Simple – your goal is to get people into your shop, keep the steps short and simple. Most people will only follow 1-2 links before dropping off. Get them locked in ASAP.


There are 2 things to consider with Google – Search and Maps. It is very easy to follow these steps!

Google Business – Claim yours now!

This is free and tells google where you are located and what you are doing. Your business will show higher in searches, you can control and respond to reviews plus add specials links direct to your website or booking app. If a client knows they can check-in online, they are more likely to arrive into your shop.

  1. Create your Business Name (If it is already listed – claim it!)
  2. Enter your location
  3. Add information on your business
  4. Add some photos etc
  5. Link to your website or booking site

If you have website link to your website otherwise facebook or a booking app  – we recommend the booking app first. You main objective is to get people searching to check into your shop. Do not add an extra step my making them go Facebook -> Book Now, send them directly to check-in.

Confirm your business : When you complete the steps above Google will send a postcard in the mail with a unique code. Use this code to confirm you own the business. it takes 5-7 days to arrive.

Apple Business Page

Do not forget Apple has a massive reach with the iPhone. Register your business with Apple to show on their maps and in searches performed from the iPhone. Apple is actually slightly easier than

Claim your Apple Maps Business

Apple maps is similar to google. Claim your business and show on Apple Maps!


Enter your location

  • Search to see if already listed
  • If not “Add New Place”

Add key information 


Have your phone handy – Apple will call to verify and give you a code to enter.

Update Profile

Apple will then verify the profile. Take this time to make your place as appealing as possible

  • Link to your website or booking site
  • Add facebook and social media links
  • Update photos

Does your app provide a web page?

Many apps will give you a unique link or URL for clients to access your shop on their site.  If you do not have website use this link, it will also give clients the option to check into your shop online, if they can do this why would they risk going elsewhere? It is all about convenience. If the client has the information and option to click, they will!

Update Google Business with your link

Add a Facebook – “Call to Action” with the link

Your website!

To help rank higher in google there is a few things you should do.

Keywords : In your website key words – add your suburb and service type. Include these in the site name, any page names.

  • Create some specific pages on your keywords eg (eg this will help rate highly for Jindalee Barber – include the history of your shop in the suburb and what you do for the community.
  • or /jindalee-nails and feature some of your key services. These are simple but powerful tools to help capture specific clients.

Links : Links to other sites are rated highly by google.

  • Link to your booking app the URL for your shop.
  • Put links to another local businesses in your area and get them to link back to you. It helps you both improve ranking and also helps clients understand you are part of the business community.
  • Link to any product or brands you sell.

Update content : We know this is hard but it does help ranking with google if you have new content. Perhaps update reviews from clients, add a product review or “how to” on home mainenance.  It only needs to be 300 odd words but does help.


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